BEFX have been working on commissioned productions for a number of marketing purposes in various capacities for a number of years. We have worked with a wide range of clients from
multi-nationals to local dive centres producing commercials and promotional videos.

Please find below some links to a small selection of these commissions. If there is any production you require more information on please do not hesitate in contacting us and we will happily pass on any details we have available.

Sports Brand Media – BEFX was the chosen partner for SBM to supply complete media coverage topside and underwater for the former World Champion, Martin Stepanek and his freediving world record attempt.

Four Season Hotel – We were approached to produce a 60 minute in house promotional video showcasing the highlights of the Red Sea from cultural to underwater. Below is a 3 minute section.

JWT - Commissioned on behalf of the Egyptian ‘Ministor of Tourism’ we produced a promotional video covering a 3 day festival over 6 events promoting Egyptian nightlife over the EID holidays.

Minister of Tourism (Egypt), ‘Characters of Egypt’ - BEFX were the commisioned production company to cover the gathering of 12 different bedouin tribes in Fustat Wadi El Gamal. From concept to completion BEFX worked alongside DoP Ahmed Sherif to produce an insight to the differnt types of music, culture  and even jewellery that the various tribes where.

Minister of Tourism (Egypt), ‘Iris’ - Red Sea Art by Nature - With the increased number of divers visiting the Red Sea, Blue Eye FX Productions were asked to take on a slightly different challenge. Working alongside award winning photographer Rafel Amari and a selection of his images, BEFX produced a slideshow of images to try and turn static photos into a contemporary piece of art and visually stimulate others to visit the Red Sea.