The complete Blue Eye FX crew comprises of a diverse team of people with varying skill sets covering all tasks from concept to completion. With these skills ranging from scripting, camera work and sound, to post production, BEFX has the opportunity to pull these unique talents together to independently produce such content on world wide sporting events. We have worked closely with the Worlds top Freediving athletes to underwater productions introducing marine life complimented with the perfect voice over and individualy composed music scores.

By independently producing such pieces we now have tens of thousands of viewers all over the world following our Vimeo and YouTube channels online everyday.

As well as our Award Winning Independent productions we have also produced, and continue to produce shorter complete edits on anything of unique interest from these sporting athletes to nature and cultural topics. Below are a few examples of this – alternatively you can visit our Vimeo channel and preview a comprehensive collection of our work.

Annelie Pompe – World Record Variable Weight 126 Metre Attempt

Sharm stands with Tahrir – During the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the people of Sharm El Sheikh gathered in support sending a single message to the people outside,
“The children of Egypt are asking for your support and welcome you with open arms..
..the Sinai is safe, we are here and you are welcome”.

Umberto Pelizzari - Blue Eye FX joins hands with free diving aficionado Umberto Pelizzari of the Apnea Academy and captures the free diving teacher training course

Nataile Avseenko - Blue Eye FX Productions spent a week following Natalie’s Freediving course at Only One Apnea Center. Not only learning about the techniques of breathing and yoga, but also learning how important it is to remove all the barriers around us and dive deep inside.

Life around the Mangroves – BEFX captures the magic of the mangroves as the tide draws in at the end of the day