Blue Eye FX Productions specialises in promotional videos, commercials, corporate, industrial and instructional HD/4K video as well as producing documentaries and sporting event coverage. Our work is suitable for DVD and HD/4K broadcast distribution.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete range of services to ensure we can fulfil the bespoke multimedia needs of our clients.

Drawing on some of the most innovative directing and production talent available, BEFX ensures a high quality end product. We work closely with our clients throughout the production process allowing us to deliver exactly what they need. Our project based services start with the initial pre production – including scripting and storyboarding if desired – right up to post production, completing your project and delivering your end product in the format most suitable for your needs.

BEFX works as a complete team including directors, producers, camera crew and editors. Though should you require the services of a camera operator or editor for a project or a single day event we are more than happy to arrange this for you.

Our team are available to travel worldwide to accommodate your production needs.