Aspiring Depths

Aspiring Depths takes you on a journey into the deep. The film follows three of the current world champions of freediving; Herbert Nitsch, William Trubridge and Sara Campbell as they test and explore personal limits in time and depth – depths believed to be potentially fatal for the human body.

Filmed at the exclusive invite-only freediving competition ‘Vertical Blue’ in the Bahamas, 20 of the worlds best freedivers are selected to compete. The intensely competitive nature of these championships highlights the amazing ability of the human body to adapt to the most demanding situations. Each dive is a confounding of science, but just as fascinating are the different personalities. Their colorful lives and unyielding passion for this unique sport will thrill, inspire, and excite you… all while fostering a deeper respect for life itself.

While the competition is chronicled on land, the real beauty of the film lies beneath the surface. There is something pure and exhilarating about venturing far out of man’s habitat, back towards the origins of evolution. Underwater cameras capture these magnificent athletes, fearlessly driving themselves ever deeper.

The Blue Eye FX Production ‘Aspiring Depths’ was awarded 1st place in the Professional Film category at the 6th Eastern Mediterranean Underwater Photography and Film Festival and won 2nd place against more than 70 entries in the Independent Category at the 13th International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade in December 2009.

Aspiring Depths Awards